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   agency, then what do we stand for? we are supposed to be the conscience of the nation. the senator from california, senator feinstein, has spoken to our conscience, to every one of us, 100 senators, men and women, both parties. she has spoken to our conscience now let's stand up for this country. let's stand up as united states senators should and as the senator from california has. i yield the floor and suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll.
   be considered or permitted. but, mr. president, the recent actions that i have just laid out make this a defining moment for the oversight of our intelligence committee. how congress and how this will be resolved will show whether the intelligence committee can be effective in monitoring and investigating our nation's intelligence activities, or whether our work can be thwarted by those we oversee. i believe it is critical that the committee and the senate reaffirm our oversight role and our independence under the constitution of the united states. mr. president, i thank you very much for your patience and i yield the floor. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from vermont. mr. leahy: mr. president, while
   of the harshness of the interrogation and practices, can you respond? >> we are not trying to thwart this report's progression release. as i said in my remarks. we want this behind us. we know the committee has invested a lot of time, money and effort into this report. and they are determined to put it forward. we have engaged with them extensively over the last year. we had officers sit down with them and go over the report and point out where we believe there are factual errors or errors in judgment or assessments. we are not trying to prevent its release. as far as the allegations of c.i.a. hacking into senate
   meeting with director john brennan. in late 2013, i requested in writing that the c.i.a. provide a final and complete version of the internal panetta review to the committee, as opposed to the partial document the committee currently possesses. in december, during an open committee hearing, senator mark udall echoed this request. in early january, 2014, the c.i.a. informed the committee it would not provide the internal panetta review to the committee, citing the deliberative nature of the document. shortly thereafter, on january 15, 2014, c.i.a. director
   >> the new space race is here >> there are people right now who will walk on mars >> it could be a big payday for corporations >> the same companies will be controlling your life in space. >> who will conquer the cosmos? >> these men believe the universe is theirs for the taking >> fault lines... al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> they're locking the doors... >> ground breaking... >> we have to get out of here... >> truth seeking... >> breakthrough investigative documentary series space inc. only on al jazeera america >> moldovan recruiters typically sell them first to local brothels, where they are first forced into sex slavery - then trafficked abroad. we sent anther undercover journalist into two of these clubs to uncover the next stage in the trail. >> posing as the owner of a
   he can do it himself. >> he's telling me like your dad is one of the smartest hitters i've seen. he is working hard for more playing time >> he's got real good skills. and he wants to earn everything he's got. >> he goes over to get tips. >> as far as i'm concerned work hard at the right thing. >> he's got a lot of ways and helps me as much as he can.
   exclusive video that police are hoping will help nab the suspect. >> reporter: the other camera records what happened outside the car. san francisco yellow cab driver twee says he's glad the camera was there to record what happened to him back in september. from the beginning, he says the passenger seemed agitated. she wanted to pay the fare with a $100 bill. he said the big was too big and about to get robbed. >> we went to a gas station. >> reporter: he says that's when the female passenger got upset. the surveillance camera shows what happened next. she attacked him and then ran off. >> the police actually came to us initially concerned that the driver might have tried to run over the passenger. after looking at the video, it's
   $100 is removed. good move, sir. still in this game. got two lifelines left. here we go. this is your next question. in 2013, miss kansas became the first miss america contestant to show her what onstage? >> i was a big fan of miss kansas from the military. it's tattoo, "c," and i'm pretty sure that's my final answer. >> joe, you're right, sir. >> whoo. >> it was the tattoos. >> all right. >> knew that. i'm glad it wasn't leg hair. i did not want to see that. all right. you got the right answer. what's the money look like? $1,000 more dollars. >> all right. >> got $8,000 in the bank right now. here we go. let's play on. >> yeah. >> down to business. >> let's get down to business. >> though he gained fame from rapping, 50 cent has reportedly
   is what we've got versus the president's prediction. if we reached his goal, wouldn't have had any real effect on climate change. most americans, including our politicians, aren't very good with numbers, they are worse with science. let's turn to two specialists, one who's right and one who's wrong. it might not be fair, but now you know where i stand. james taylor studies environmental policy at the heartland institute, paul gallay is president of the environmental group riverkeeper. how am i getting it wrong? >> deny the problem, that's not american, john. we're here to solve problems, not to deny them. john: the problem is climate change? >> the problem is giving our kids and their kids a planet we'll be happy to give them and happy to live on giving them a better standard of life than our parents gave us. d-fashionened values and you as a conservative should be embracing not ridiculing them. john: well, just for clarity, i
   wolfgang beltracchi, a forger so brilliant that, for decades, he made millions while his paintings were hung in museums around the world. but his brilliance wasn't that he could copy a rembrandt or a cezanne; it's that he imagined paintings they might have done, even shot fake photographs to document them. see that woman in front of those paintings? she's his wife and partner in crime. >> cooper: you may know liam neeson for his oscar-nominated role in "schindler's list." but at the improbable age of 61, he's become one of hollywood's highest paid action stars. reports are, for "taken 3," you're going to make upwards of $50 million. you're laughing. >> yeah. ( laughs ) >> pelley: tonight, neeson reveals why his hard-earned success is bittersweet, and the grief he feels over the death of his wife, natasha richardson.
   collective system that deceived the american people. time and time again the american about were told one thing domestic surveillance in public um while doing something else in private. the agencies based terrible consequences that were not planned for. trust is going to take time to rebuild.
   administration, even over these last eight weeks have talked about their authorities. >> on those authorities, julian, one thing the administration did today was release a brief looking at the legal reasoning behind the nsa surveillance programs. you've read through it. were you comforted by it? do you think it made a clear case for why they have this authority and why it needs to be used? >> no, it reads like someone got high and mixed up a deepak chopra book with their manual. >> so you didn't like it? >> i was not that impressed. >> so you didn't write it?
   and if you look at the reports, even the disclosures that mr. snowden has put forward, all the stories that have been written, what you're not reading about is the government actually abusing these programs and, you know, listening in on people's phone calls or inappropriately reading people's e-mails. what you're hearing about is the prospect these could be abused. part of the reason they're not abused is because these checks are in place. those abuses would be against the law and would be against the orders of the fisc. having said that, though, if you are outside of the intelligence community, if you are the ordinary person and you start seeing a bunch of headlines saying u.s., big brother looking down on you, collecting telephone records, et cetera, well, understandably people
   they are going to go before the senate on wednesday, and i defy them to deny that it works the way i just said. >> do we have any evidence that capability -- pretty explosive capability, that it was used? >> there's lots of evidence of abuse. your network, abc news and brian ross, several years ago, nsa analysts got caught listening to telephone conversations between soldiers and girlfriends stations in iraq. and the nsa has wildly exceeded the scope of the legal limits that the law allows. there are all sorts of admissions, including this week in a letter to senator wyden that it exceeded the legal authority it acknowledges it has. and they write it off to inadvertent key strokes. the realy issue is they have de this in complete secrecy. nobody monitors who they're eavesdropping on.
   before he went on television-- the 50-plus cases of where this information was helpful came this weekend to the intelligence committee. it's classified, but we will be taking a good look at that as early as tuesday. >> schieffer: do you believe, senator feinstein-- we know and we have learned a lot about the capabilities of the u.s. government. do you-- have you at this point come to any conclusion about whether those capabilities and that power was abused by these agencies? >> no, i have seen no abuse by these agencies, nor has any claim ever been made in any way, shape, or form, that this was abused. you know, it's interesting to me, because i've been going to china for 34 years now trying to increase rerelationships between our two countries. there is no question about china's prowess in this arena. there is no question about their attempts to get into our
   on hrou-abiding -- on law-abiding americans without any connections to terrorism or espionage. if we cannot limit investigations to terrorism or other nefarious activities, where do they end? the coloradoans are demanding that in addition to the review of the foreign intelligence surveillance corps, we place commonsense limits on government investigations and link data collection to terrorist or espionage-related activities. if did -- or should i say when congress passes this bill to
   white. >> the chemicals that were located in clandestine labs are very difficult and dangerous and, of course, explosive and fire hazards and we acted as quickly as we could. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies arrested 51-year-old madhu dutta after they say he put together a unique meth lab., police say dutta built a cyanide chloride lab, a heisenberg-like method that results in what's considered a superior product. >> methamphetamine was located in the bedroom along with some manuals, as well as equipment for this actual method, which is significantly rare. >> reporter: but it wasn't all flasks, masks and chemicals, police say deputies uncovered guns. they confiscated 11 shotguns and 3 handguns. one of the handguns locked and loaded. >> you don't think that that's going to happen on the shores of lake erie in a million dollar home.
   the presenters and the members the presenters and the members of the public for coming out here i thought that was really an informative hearing in terms of hearing a lot of different angles and the last speakers we've heard in terms of the struggles of workers to be actively able to get home it's not only workers but patrons it's a significant challenge that we have not only as a city and region i we need more and better and more reliable late night transportation service. you know, ultimately in terms of affordability that is where we need to go. and i was heart end e he lived
   a parade of dogs followed the easter bunny. pretty cute. and, of course, there was an easter egg hunt, as well. perfect day for it. >>> renaissance today for records. today is national record store day. street light records in san jose is one of them. on this day music fans are supposed to unplug from itunes and visit record stores instead. some people camped out overnight. one guy told us he was hoping to pick up a cake box set. >> while we are waiting to help support the local business and made friends out here over the last 12 hours that i feel like we have been out here sleeping in our cars and hanging out and talking about music. >> musicians release special edition albums for this day as well including cold play, jay-z
   >> see you at 6:00. >>> on our broadcast tonight, the desperate search. families looking for their loved ones as the death toll climbs in that catastrophic landslide in washington state. and tonight there are questions about warning signs. >>> demanding answers. after 18 days with no word now, anger boils over in china. tonight, why some experts are warning that the missing airliner may never be found. >>> birth control battle. health care and religion collide at the supreme court, and the outcome will affect millions of american women. >>> and high anxiety after a jaw dropping leap on camera. "nightly news" begins now.
   town of oso, the search continues after more bodies were discovered and 911 calls reveal terror just after the earth gave way. >> it's like a mudslide. everything's gone. the houses are gone. i got people here screaming for help. >> my neighbor's house and their neighbor's house has been completely taken out. and it's collapsed on several of
   the companies say even though they're for-profit corporations, they can still claim religious freedom. >> just because you're engaged in a business and trying to make some profit, doesn't mean you leave all your religious beliefs at the door. you see this with prominent companies that are closed on sunday. >> reporter: but the obama administration says freedom of religion is a right of individual, not corporations. and that contraceptives are essential to preventative care. >> this case is basically about whether an employer, because of their own personal views, can pick and choose which laws they want to adhere to and which they don't. >> reporter: the court's three women justices questioned the
   they are compiling a list and putting it out to the public so they are aware. the public is aware about what officials are dealing with. >> brown: what about family members? have you been able to talk to any of them? are they holding out hope? resigned? what is the attitude there? >> reporter: i think it depends on what you speak with. there's increasing frustration among some family members. the concern that they think the rescue effort is too slow. we have heard of family members who have gone out on their own and dig through the mud to find signs of life. others just holding out hope knowing that crews are out there, more than 200 people searching for their loved ones. can i tell us from trace is
   much tougher. coupled with the difficulty is the fading hope of finding any more survivors. but amid the muck, the local fire chief insisted today they're not giving up. >> rescue or recovery, we're doing both. and that's not gonna change the pace at what we're working here, whether we call it rescue or recovery. we're still in rescue mode in my mind and we are throwing
   did everything they could have to protect its residents? >> we've done everything we could to protect them. we mitigated the landslide from 2006. there's been warnings and advance notifications of the high risk for landslide. >> reporter: everything in its path was just ripped away. this is steelhead drive, where
   did everything they could have to protect its residents? >> we've done everything we could to protect them. we mitigated the landslide from 2006. there's been warnings and advance notifications of the high risk for landslide. >> reporter: everything in its path was just ripped away. this is steelhead drive, where